Who is Amy Violets?


Awhile ago I was asked, Who is Amy Violets? Then it was your name is Pam! Then I would chuckle and giggle some. I thought I would write a fun blog on how I came up with my Business Name.

It all started many years ago when I was a young child. I learned how to sew from my grandma, and my Mom.  Mainly My grandma Eva on the farm.  When I was child my brother and I spent our Summer’s on our grandparents farm in Minnesota.  I can remember being quite small and sitting at this treadle machine and just staring at it.


I was around 4 to 5 years old.  My grandma Eva said lets sew. Oh……. I was in Heaven.  She taught me all the in and outs over the years on this Treadle machine. I sewed at home with my Mom too.  Nothing beats sitting at a Sewing machine that doesn’t plug in and listening to stories your Grandma tells you about Mom sewing to growing up on the farm. I even got to sew pillows from the old Seed sacks.

Here is a few notions I collected from Grandma Eva to the sewing Needles from My Mom. The black cast iron “iron” was my Mom’s as a child.


My grandma Eva Violet as a child with her Doll.  When I found this picture I held on to it.  She was just a young child walking through the snow.  My Mom sitting in a wicker chair with her dolls next to her in a rocker at 2 years old.




Fast forward many years to when I had a little girl named Amy.  She loved her dolls too.  She loved  her Mom (Me) to sew for them.    The Santa list started!  I knew I had sew everything a baby needed.  (She still to this day in her 30’s want Mom to sew all her Christmas presents, she  just had to figure out who Santa was)  Money was tight back then, my mom would help me get the fabric and my skills that grandma taught me would come in quite handy.  By then My Mom had given me her “Morse sewing machine” and I had no pattern  to cut from so I drew around the doll and a wardrobe and carriers were made.  Mrs. Claus sewed and my husband had the chore of putting doll strollers together. That is the same baby doll.  By the time that baby was retired, she was ready for her nap on the doll shelf.



We fast forward to 1990.  My Niece and Nephew moved in. My husband and I adopted both children.  Amanda loved her dolls. Then she fell in love with Barbies.  Those clothes challenged me.  I remembered a good trick my dad taught me.  Cut up socks to make clothes.  Mom did find out.  A whole different story.  I taught Amanda how to do that.  Whenever the sock bucket got full.  beware she was make Barbie dresses.  We had a lot less mismatched socks.  Then we are now raising 3 of our grandkids. 2 are girls.  Yes life does throw you curves.  The lessons from sewing to life that my grandma Eva taught me from a very young age sitting at that treadle machine on a hot and humid Minnesota day.  Have stayed with me all my life.  She taught the value of making something and being proud of it for yourself and to always take care of family.

Here are a few pictures from me being small with my baby dolls and my Late brother Erik who was always there to play with his little sister.  NOT!   He did many a time burp my baby dolls.  Amanda, Megan and April.  All my girls love their baby dolls to their big girl dolls.


When my husband and I decided I would stay home and become a full time Mom again almost 12 years ago. All my time was spent taking care of 3 little kids. A few years ago things started to come back to normal.  Amy said Mom you need to sew!  I had missed my machines.  We pulled everything from storage. My Son and his girlfriend introduce Megan and April to the 18″ dolls. I began to sew Doll Clothes again.  Slowly I have been getting back into the groove.

That brought to what do I name myself? What fits?  Believe me when you ask your family they can come up with some winners!   My Mom who lives with us. Said it needs to be something close to you and something that makes me smile. She came up with Amy who is my biggest fan.  She always has been. I said Violets, its my Moms favorite flower and my Grandma’s middle name! So Amy Violet’s was born!  Yes everyday when I sit at my machines I thank my  Grandma for all those lessons.  Yes she did get mad at me.  I was a little red head rebel.  No one could say Pamela Kay the way she did.

Here are a few pictures to end with of my Grandma with My Mom, me and Amy and Randy.

I better get back to sewing.  I sure had a fun time looking up old family pictures.  I had fun listening to my Mom say Randy looks like Great grandpa, or Look doesn’t Dakota look like my Dad.  Then my Mom would come across a picture of Grandma ,her and my brother the memories just flowed on out.  Thank you all for reading.  If you see my Logo or visit my page you all know now where Amy Violets came from.

Take care and Have a Good day




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