Shhhhhh…… We need our Beauty Sleep! Sleeping Bags for your Favorite 14 inch Doll. Such as the Wellie Wishers, the new Glitter Girls and Heart 4 Heart Dolls.

These poor girls they just begged for some cozy warm Sleeping Bags and Wool Sleep masks to model.  I have gotten a few of the bags listed in my Etsy Shop.

Wellie wishers sleeping bags

Setting up some of the Sleeping bags for a fun afternoon.

We better be kind of quiet, I do think I see Camille Snoring away.


Shhhhhhh We are getting our beauty rest! Wellie wishersGlitter girls Nov. 11, 2017

Look they are already asleep. They only modeled these bags.  All are put back up and ready to go to their new homes.


Looks like they are all having a serious talk here.  I love listening to little girls talk.  They are so much fun and full of imagination.

Willa and clarence the Moose

Willa never forgets to bring her best friend Clarence the Moose to a photo shoot.  These 2 have really became attached at the hip.  I remember Sculpting Clarence the Moose so many years ago, and thinking I wonder who his friend will be. Took a few years to find the perfect friend, these 2 are so much fun to take and do photos with now.   I may have to sit down and sculpt a few new friends this next year.

Pryamid of Sleeping Bags

The question of the week at my house was how many sleeping bags for 14 inch dolls  can 2 dolls stack up on each other.  The answer was 10! Yes my kids did bring me back to reality and let me know the Dolls didn’t really stack them. You never know.  Make Sure to Check out my Etsy Shop for some great Sleeping Bags and Pillows.

IMG_0260 (2)

I will be listing this cute Cow Sleeping bag tomorrow.  This is the only one I have in this fabric.  Many of my bags are sewn from fabrics I have in my Stash.  Brand New.  I never purchased much yardage.

I plan on doing a short Blog Wednesday about my Needle Felted Sleep masks. I have so much fun designing and felting these.  Each one turns out a little different.

Girls sleep masks 1

I better be quiet for now.  The models, Oh the girls are I mean are trying to get some beauty sleep.

Make sure to check back Wednesday and I will show you a few of my Wool sleep masks for your doll in progress.   You can always stop by my Facebook page Amy Violets and say Hi too.

Take Care








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