Sneak Peeks of my Doll fashions for my 1st Craft Show ♥ ♥

First of all I haven’t done a show of any kind in so many years.  So what do you do when your family says “Mom” you need to get your doll clothes out here locally. No one has seen your sewing here in Minnesota.  (They have just not doll clothes)   If your me you roll your eyes , get a little bit anxious and just breathe deep.  Then you think this is fine I will talk to a couple of local friends and my online friends.  I know exactly what they will all say,  “just fill your Etsy Shop”.   LOL!  That didn’t work out as planned.  One very wise friend of mine just plainly states “Pull your big Girls panties up and go for it”!

Here I am sewing away for the last month, going crazy, what do you take to a Craft Show?  How many of each item do you sew? Phew!  How do you all do this?  Our ceramic business was much simpler.  How many egg separators could you possibly want?

Back to business.  I better stay on task or my children will be yelling MOM!   This weekend I decided its Jumper time.  Oh Sew Kat one of my favorite pattern designers for dolls. Has a couple of new patterns out there.

The name says it all.  Easy Up Jumper so if your sew then hop on over to her Etsy Shop and pick up the pattern.  I started with the 18″ doll size.  I sewed them for the American Girl doll.  My models were quite good this weekend.  They do like to show off.

Julie and Leah Easy up Jumper

Now I need to hem, embellish some.  “A girl has got to have her bling”.  And get the tops finished.

I was so excited to see 14″ doll size Easy Up Jumper out.  Shhhh personally I had Jumper weekend planned so phew!  Oh Sew Kat and her team were able to get the Pattern up for sale this weekend.  My Wellie Wishers and My new Glitter Girl dolls were so excited to help me out.   These dolls are a bit more demanding.  They needed spa time before sewing and modeling.

My 14' doll models

We got that out of the way.  Then it was time for my machine and I to get down to work sewing the jumpers up.  I have to say Jumper weekend was a success!

14 inch doll jumpers

This is my first Sneak peek into my 1st Craft Show for Sewing! I have sewn for 50 some years, but never a craft show.  Whats up next, I will be sharing sneak Peeks now, until the day of the show Oct. 13th in Marshall MN.  This week tops, Leggings(went a bit over board there),dresses, P.j.s and overalls.  I am sure there will be a few surprises along the way. You can always check out my Etsy shop,  Facebook or Instagram.  I am also trying to get my Pinterest boards straightened up. (I better hurry I have a friend that yells at me, I should get them done)   One thing to keep in mind and I can’t change me!  I don’t sew alot of the same fabric.  You won’t find 5 of the same item or article of clothing for your doll in the same fabric.  I can do Special Orders if you contact me on Etsy we can chat about it.  I would love to work with you. I do specialize a lot more in sewing for the smaller dolls and the Girl for all time.(check out my listings for her in my Etsy shop).  With that said, I am leaving my comfort zone for the show  I am adding  18″ doll clothes.  Boy do I have some fun patterns to sew from,  from many wonderful doll designers. One last thing wait until you see my new 9″ dolls the Kruselings.   I could chat all night, I better finish up a few things.  Everyone have a great week.

Take Care

Next Sneak Peek will be Wednesday.


Amy Violets


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